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Keep racing.
Stay educated. Wherever you are.

👋 Hello! We're an award-winning virtual school for athletes aged 11-18

The new way to stay educated

Young racing drivers have often had to make sacrifices when it comes to their education. But that's all changing. We work seamlessly with teams, drivers and coaches to provide a flexible education so when drivers are at the track, they can focus on the road ahead.

Sol Rolls-Tyson (Elite Athlete Education Officer at Minerva’s Virtual Academy) with Alfie & Dion, Minerva pupils

At last, a school that fits around your racing schedule

We make racing competitively and attending school a no-brainer.

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Ages 12 - 18

Join us at secondary school / high school age or earlier if you are ahead of your year group

iGCSE & A Levels

Gain prestigious British Qualifications that are internationally recognised

Bespoke Education Plans

1-2-1 tutors and adaptive timetables for pupils aged 6 to 18, giving racers complete flexibility around their schedules

Make your life easier

Freedom to race and learn at your own pace

Regain balance and control with supported self-study, smart virtual learning, and inspirational mentoring.

Welcome to Minerva's Virtual Academy

✔ Full school experience with Weekly Assemblies & Athlete High Performance Club
✔ Full co-operation with RGMMC, IAME, Champions Of The Future schedules
✔ Enrol from European and Worldwide destinations
✔ British qualifications accepted at universities all around the world

Read the Partnership announcement with RGMMC here.

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Official Online School Partner

"I am very happy to be working with Minerva's Virtual Academy to provide elite education for apex racers, helping them to be efficient inside and outside of driving." - Manuel Pereira, Head Coach, Apex

Smart Virtual Learning

Like a super-smart interactive textbook, our platform teaches our students everything they need to know

Live Lessons

Daily live lessons with our outstanding teaching staff strengthens the learning students do independently

Athlete Mentoring

Personal one-to-one mentoring means racing drivers are supported throughout their school and sporting career

Community & School Trips

A dynamic weekly timetable of social interactions and extra-curricular learning opportunities broaden minds and create lasting friendships

Young Athlete Community

Join a growing network of highly-talented young athletes and performers not found at any other school in the world

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I can study from anywhere in the world

Balancing that with school has been almost impossible… until I found Minerva’s Virtual Academy 🤓

I’m switching to @minerva_virtual and starting a new school term with them in September. It means my lessons and school work are all online and I can study from anywhere in the world! Plus I get to be a part of an awesome global community of pupils who need a flexible education, just like me. 🌍

Frequently asked questions

Where are you located?

We are a fully-remote school, headquartered in London, UK. Our teachers, staff, parents, and pupils live in 20+ countries around the world. With a good internet connection, you can join us wherever you live. We recommend you live within 5 hours of GMT for the best experience.

What curriculum will my child study?

Students study the British curriculum: IGCSEs aged 14-15 and A Levels aged 16 - 18.

British GCSE and A Level qualifications are highly respected around the world and are accepted for entry into all European universities, as well as universities in North America, South America, Asia, and Australasia.

What help do karters recieve?

As the only online school with a specialist team of former professional athletes on hand to help, young racers receive highly specialist advice through dedicated mentoring sessions to help them thrive on and off the race track.

This is complemented by our High Performance Club where players meet with former professional athletes, can ask for advice, and helps our students form friendships for life with top athletes across all sports - e.g. tennis, football, golf.  

Our school can be accessed anywhere in the world. Racers can travel and study whilst overseas for vacations or racing weekends.

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